Tao Knowledge – the ultimate knowledgebase tool

Tao Knowledge is very intuitive acupuncture software and extremely easy to operate, designed for maintaining and recreating a Chinese medical knowledgebase for both beginners and advanced users.

With its own massive internal knowledgebase and unique cross reference abilities you are always on top of your information, making everything easy and accessible for both doctors and students.

Better yet, information found on the web is automatically searched and inserted into your window’s view just as you go along, with no need for you to do anything besides using the software as usual.

Tao Knowledge – unique information management tool

This is not just any fixed and inflexible database! With fully editable and manageable abilities you can keep on adding as much information as you need and information you come across, add or edit any item, with RTF (rich text format) capabilities!

This way Tao Knowledge is actually always growing along with your studies and business, making all the information you’ve ever gathered accessible in a split of a second, just when you need it. Nothing is ever lost!