Licensing and Support

You can purchase Tao Knowledge with one of two possible licenses – Practitioner license or Student license:


Student License

Practitioner License

Internal knowledgebase



Web information



Edit capabilities



Re-downloading the product

1 month

1 year

New versions download

1 month

1 year

Number of activation licenses

1 computer

2 computers







In both options the product you receive is the exact same product. There is no difference in content or functionality.

However, the practitioner license allows you to install the product on two computers, such as home/office or desktop/laptop computers, which is usually the need of working practitioners. This is allowed as long as both computers belong to the person with the license and are used by this person only. The practitioner license also includes one year of free software subscription and support service.

The Student license comes with the usual one activation license – one person on one computer. The student license includes one month of free software subscription and support service.


Software subscription and support service:

With software subscription and support service, customers can continue to receive support for the product they own after the end of the primary support period. Software subscription and support service includes options for re-downloading the product’s files from our server, free downloads of new product versions, and new activation allowance in case of system/HD crash, new computer, new system, etc.

Please read our FAQ for further information on this topic.

Renewing support is usually needed by customers who lost their original file and need to download it again, or those who like to download the latest version of the product.

Support includes files reformat/integrity check by our team, if needed, when transferring from old to new versions of the product.

Software subscription and support service is currently $69 for one year.