Overall functionality

Tao Knowledge is very easy to start and you can quickly get used to its various options and work environment.

To quickly start and use Tao Knowledge it is good to know its basic structure. On the top part of the main window you can find the Ribbon. This Ribbon includes clickable buttons and tabs to help you get the information you need.

The bottom part of the window has a list-box on the left side, the items list box, to list the many items that exist on every specific index of the knowledgebase, and an information page to the right, presenting the relevant information found on each of those items.

Herbs Window:

Syndrome Window:

Special capabilities of searching and reordering make the filtering of the information an easy process. For example, even in very unorganized and messy lists such as Combinations list, it is always extremely quick and easy to locate the needed items:

The following image illustrates the RTF edit capabilities. Simply click any item or text you want to edit or add and you have full rich text format options, writing with any font you like, changing color and sizes, etc., making your description as clear as you want it. The changes are immediately reflected in the internal database: