FAQ Ė Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Am I required to have certain third party products, such as data access files or flash viewers, etc., in order to be able to execute the software?
A: No, the product comes as a complete package.

Q: Does the product install any additional software, hidden files, or changes my registry?
A: No, it only installs and registers itself.

Q: What does activating the product mean?
A: After the installation you are required to activate the product, much like other products you might use. This involves an extremely simple and easy step where you key in the activation number, received upon purchasing, into the activation-window in the product.

Q: What does the activation actually do?
A: The activation opens the product for use on your computer. It registers your computer on our server - an automatic process that takes a few seconds - after which the product becomes operational on that computer.

Q: Do I need to be online every time I use the product?
A: No. Internet connection is used only once Ė to activate the product upon installation, after which it is no longer needed. However, not having an open Internet connection will obviously disable the part of the product that can locate online information.

Q: Can I operate this product on Mac OSX?
A: No. Currently you can execute the product over ms-windows (XP, 2003, 32-bit/64-bit Vista, 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7).

Operating / Managing

Q: Can I enter new information we learn in school into the product?
A: Certainly. The idea is not only that youíll get our comprehensive knowledgebase with the product but that youíll be able to add as much information as you need.

Q: Does this mean I can add new text to an existing herb or formula, etc., or can new herbs, new formulas and so forth be added?
A: Both. You can add additional information to any part of the existing items, or add new ones Ė new herbs, new formulas, new syndromes, symptoms, etc. Also, you can add new cross-references as you like in order to make your information more relational and effective.

Q: Some parts of the information about a certain item might be more important to me and I want to color that part as red.
A: Since you have full rich-text-format capabilities you can color any parts you like as red, green, blue, etc., and also underline any word or paragraph, make it bold and so on.

Q: Can I add references to information Iíve found on the internet?
A: Sure. Each item has a ĎMy Linksí section where you can add any link to any address on the internet. This will become a part of your presented information, and if clicked will automatically open your default browser to that location.

Licensing and support

Q: What happens if my computer crashes?
A: You can reinstall your original file and reactivate with the original activation key.

Q: What if I have the student license and try to activate on more than one computer (or have the practitioner license and try on more than two)?
A: Your activation key will be automatically blocked on our server and your license will be cancelled.

Q: So if I try to trick you and install the product on my best friendís computer too, will I get automatically blocked?
A: Yes.

Q: Will I get my money back if I get blocked?
A: No.

Q: Will I get blocked when operating according to my license?
A: Never. We donít create any unnecessary annoyances for our customers. It can only happen when you try to operate the product on more computers than allowed by your license.

Q: The word Ďblockedí sounds scary! Is there any way Iíll get blocked when using my license correctly?
A: No, the system only blocks when more computers than allowed by the license are being used.

Q: But what happens if I purchase a new computer?
A: This is not a problem. You can contact us and we will assist you in transferring the old activation to the new one. The product will be able to run on the new computer and will stop to function on the old one.

Q: Do I have to keep on paying for support after my initial free support period is over?
A: Not at all.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?
A: No. You only pay once when purchasing the product. If you want to continue and pay for annual support services you can continue and do so, but itís up to you, the product is functional without the need to renew anything.

Q: But what if after, say, two years my computer is stolen and I canít find the backup Iíve made of the original file onto a CD?
A: In this case youíll need to purchase the annual software subscription and support service and will be able to download the latest version and install the product again.