AcuData knowledgebase
The knowledgebase consists of detailed information about acupuncture points, Chinese herbs, herbal formulas, Chinese syndromes, western diseases, various symptoms, pulse & tongue diagnosis and more. The knowledgebase contains the following information:

Symptoms: Approximately 1500 symptoms, with referrals to acupoints, formulas, herbs, and syndromes, for making accurate diagnoses. More than 1000 indications and more than 400 functions are listed.

Chinese Syndromes: More than 80 syndromes related to internal organs are included, with detailed etiologies, treatment principles and suggested treatments with explanations (acupuncture, formulas,Replica Handbags point combinations, nutrition).

Western Diseases: Approximately 250 Western diseases are listed, with information about the disease, associated Chinese syndromes and relevant treatment with acupuncture and/or herbs.

Acupoints: All the points on the main meridians and a large selection of extra points (more than 450 acupoints in all) are listed, with the functions and indications of each. In addition, point locations, how to find the points, needling techniques are given.

Auricular Therapy: A detailed listing is given of the ear acupoints, with a comprehensive, comparative indication of the location, based on four difference sources.

Formulas: More than 300 classic Chinese formulas are given, with the Chinese name, the English name, list of herbs, amount of each ingredient, formula category and functions, indications and contraindications.

Herbs: 450 medicinal herbs are listed, with the Chinese and Western name, category, qualities, functions, actions, biochemical components, contraindications, recommended daily dosages.