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The Swiss Space System (also known as S3) plans to launch a project in 2015 that will include a series of flights on a modified Airbus aircraft. The flights will give the public the opportunity to experience zero gravity and weightlessness, which is similar to an actual spaceflight. Omega De Ville Replica Watches, a Swiss watchmaker, is the main sponsor and has created a limited edition watch exclusively for participants. The watch in question, dubbed Omega De Ville Replica Watches Chronograph, is made of black-faced titanium and has a quartz thermo-compensated movement with chronograph and second time zone complications. The chronometric-certified watch will be used as a boarding card on the plane, and also an instrument during the flight. The Omega De Ville Replica Watches Chronograph will only be sold to participants in the project and not for anyone else.

Zero Gravity Project of S3The idea that led to the creation of Omega De Ville Replica Watches's new model comes from S3 company. The project aims to give space enthusiasts the chance to feel what it's like to float through the cosmos. The project won't take its passengers beyond the Earth's atmospheric pressure due to the high cost of space travel. C3 will create a hack to make the participants of the flight feel like they're really in space.Omega De Ville Replica Watches In a two-hour flight, 15 parabolas will occur. The parabolic trajectory, which is a rapid ascent and rapid descent, allows the passengers to experience weightlessness between 20-25 seconds.

The 38 flights will depart from 15 different places around the world. The first flight will take off in Japan on January 15, 2015, and the rest of the flights will continue until late November. S3 has decided that these missions will start in the far east and end with flights out of Puerto Rico.

The Flight and Watch will cost at least $6,800. Only participants in these weightless flights can own this special Omega De Ville Replica Watches watch. This pleasure is reserved for only 40 passengers in the top two classes of aircraft. The Premium Zone, the smaller of the two, costs around $6,800 while the VIP Room is priced at about $68,000. The Party Zone will charge $2,725 for the right to board an additional 40 passengers. The members of this class, however, will not be able to keep or wear the Omega De Ville Replica Watches Special Edition constellation replica watches It is now possible to reserve a place on a weightless mission, as Swiss Space System has revealed. The Swiss company's website has more information about the ZeroG Project, including the dates and places available on board.