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You can purchase our products using the options bellow. It is possible to use the automated systems of our partners for quick online orders. You can pay, download, and activate in minutes. Our partners will process the payment and provide you with a download link and an activation code. In 99% of cases this is an immediate process.





Patient Books EMR

PatientBooks - The electronic-medical-record and scheduling-system software, with full ICD10 insurance coding.

Patient Books


$495 - (Onetime payment.
Includes 1 year free updates & support)

Tao Knowledge – the knowledgebase tool

Tao Knowledge - designed for maintaining and recreating Chinese medical knowledgebase for both beginners and advanced users.

Student License:
Practitioner License:


Student License: $89
Practitioner License: $149

To learn more about the different licensing and support options please click here.


Taoclinic - Acupuncture Software

Taoclinic Professionals extensive scope of data, patient management, enhanced navigation and  state-of-the-art intuitive operation.

Order Taoclinic


$499 - (Onetime payment. Includes 1 month free updates & support)


Ace - Acupuncture Software

ACE - Acupuncture Expert - combines enhanced medical database with automated help in diagnosing, filtering and treating your patient.

Order ACE

3.5.2 (Extended version!)

$169 ( Onetime payment. Includes 1 month free updates & support )

AcuData - Chinese Medical Dictionary

AcuData provides the most comprehensive Chinese medical information in the fastest, most flexible way possible, at a very low budget.

Order AcuData


$99.95 !!!


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